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The Plus Size Bralette is Finally Here!

Posted: Aug 29, 2018, 8:23:00 PM
The Plus Size Bralette is Finally Here!

Ladies, push aside the push-up bra - there’s a new it-item busting out as spring’s hottest pluz size lingerie trend: the bralette! Yes, the dainty bralette with its wireless and minimalist construction, light padding (if any) and minimal support has primarily been a petite woman’s weapon of mass seduction - until now. Supportive bralettes for full figure women do exist and have become a game changer in the lingerie industry.

For decades, women have been sold the idea that wearing very constricting bras are the only way to get the support you need. But a quality wireless plus size bralette can provide a comfortable alternative for anyone who wants to embrace a lighter, more versatile, fashion-forward bra. Aside from the stylish design, you may be wondering whether bralettes are able to support and work for larger busts? After all, a plus size bralette seems to be a contradiction. There is no point of wearing a bra if it’s not going to make you look and feel great! So, how exactly, does a plus size bralette work?

The Secret to Support in a Plus Size Bralette

Wide Band

A plus size bralette with a wide band provides the support fuller busts need. The flexible, comfortable bralette band will stretch and contour to the body, while also keeping everything secure. Additional support comes from multiple hook-and-eye closures allowing for all-day comfort and a secure fit.

Full Coverage Cups and Stretchy Straps

Full figure bralettes with seamed cups and stretchy straps provide more support and shaping than your standard bralette. Stretchier fabrics, like soft mesh, used in the sides and back move with your body for a flawless, full coverage fit and ultra comfortable feel.

Bralettes, in addition to (commonly) being wirefree, have less padding, and size up and down much more easily than underwire bras as your shape changes from week to week. Plus there’s a bonus: bralettes are meant to be seen, so you can upgrade your style by incorporating your plus size bralette into your everyday look - whether it’s peeking out of your blazer, a sheer top, or your black dress.

Know Your Size

Another trick to finding the right plus-size bralette that is pretty, comfortable, and still supplies enough support to shape is to make sure you know your correct size. You’ll also have better luck finding the right plus size bralette if you shop brands that are familiar designing for full figured women. Beware of the so-called full figure bralettes that are actually lightly constructed smaller sized bras, only made larger. We all know that that doesn’t work out so well!

While they’re not for everyone, a perfect fitting, pretty plus size bralette may just become your new best friend, and the warmer weather makes it a perfect time to try out the less restrictive and lighter feel. Believe it or not, there are amazing styles up to size 54G! So do your research and find one that suits you.