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How to Choose Plus Size Lingerie

Posted: Aug 29, 2018, 8:34:00 PM
How to Choose Plus Size Lingerie

Investing in high-quality and comfortable lingerie will allow you to look and feel your best. When making a purchase, think about your favorite bra and why it is your favorite. Use your experience as a guide to the features that matter most to you, and see if you can find these same features in a new look. Make sure you are truly satisfied with your choice and use the option to exchange the lingerie until you get it right. When purchasing lingerie, consider following these tips and you should have no trouble choosing the option that feels and looks the best on you!

Know Your True Bra Measurements

80% of women wear the wrong bra size according to a recent industry study. Perfectly fitting plus size lingerie will look good and feel good too. The right bra fit will also help make your clothes fit better by smoothing and shaping you in all the right places. If you're not sure what your size is, you can try our online size fitting calculator in the privacy of your own home before shopping.

Note the Fabric

Lingerie is available in countless fabric types. In order to find the best plus size lingerie, the fabric should look pretty and also provide real support and durability. A quality bra will use a variety of materials to create the most comfortable and attractive fit. With the right mix of fabric you can even have a supportive full figure bra without underwire.

Check the Details

Plus size lingerie that’s constructed poorly can be a huge let down. Check that there is sufficient support in the proper places to shape and hold you. Wider shoulder straps help ease shoulder strain. Also, the underwire can have extra padding to avoid pinching. Full figure bras without wires must be constructed well with fabric to take its place.

Pick the Correct Style

Similar to when you select the right look in outerwear, take your time when selecting your lingerie. How much coverage do you want in a bra? Full coverage, moderate or some? Always remember that support and comfort are critical to to looking your best in addition to finding the most flattering design and cut. Unadorned bras look best under smooth fabrics, and more decorative bras with matching panties can be an outfit on its own! Think about how you plan to wear it.

Be Your Own Advocate

Finding the right plus size lingerie is a personal choice. Many women fall into the trap of purchasing lingerie because it looks cute in a photo or it’s a known brand or type. Remember that you’re the one that has to feel good. Do your research and when you find what works for you you’ll feel it!