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Full Figure Bras Don't Have to Be a Drag

Posted: Aug 29, 2018, 8:27:00 PM
Full Figure Bras Don't Have to Be a Drag

Full figure Bras. Can't live with them, can't live without them. Especially if your figure is on the curvy side - 40C or better.

How many times have you walked into a lingerie store to see all kinds of cute bras, but the two in your size come in nude (which doesn't match your skin) and white and look like something out of the 1950s? Plus size lingerie and "pretty" never seem to go together.

Which is why so many full-figured women have bra envy - whether it's envy of the cute lace number that doesn't come in your size or envy of the fortunate who can actually go braless without feeling as if they're going to sag to the center of the earth.

There's a cure for full figure bra envy

Start by finding your correct size. A major contributor to an uncomfortable bra is that most of us are wearing the wrong size. And the size we were wearing ten years ago may not work any more, especially for women who have had children.

Another reason is that bras are often designed with everything but comfort in mind, especially when it comes to plus size lingerie. Regardless of how well built you are, the center of the bra (called the gore) should be between the cups. The band should touch your chest, but not pinch your bust. Ignore anyone who tells you the band doesn't need to be right--it is a key to a confident fit. With a new bra, the band should be tight enough on the middle set of hooks so there is room to adjust over time.

Next, track down a full-figured bra brand that actually cares about you. Looking good and feeling good - and not having red lines when you take your bra off - should not be privileges reserved for B cups, right? Neither should luxurious fabrics and fashion.

Look for bras with specific features that improve comfort. For example, most strap adjustments on bras either don't adjust far enough when your breasts change through your cycle, or they constantly slip out of place. Also, many plus size women - and especially smaller women with larger breasts - find a traditional underwire especially important. But soft cup bras and molded cups can also provide good coverage and real support without underwires.

It's worth paying a little bit more for a bra that actually fits, that is cute, fashionable, and that is made with the kind of quality that lasts for many, many wearings. Stop trying to squeeze your 40DDs into lingerie made by a company that doesn't really want you in their clothes - and find a fashionable bra brand that makes high end, quality bras (and panties, etc.) specifically for your curvy shape. Your figure is worth showing off and appreciating - so get a bra that fits, is comfortable, is beautiful and isn’t a drag!