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Finding the Perfect Full-Figure Bra

Posted: Aug 29, 2018, 8:29:00 PM
Finding the Perfect Full-Figure Bra

There is nothing better than waking up, slipping into your clothing and feeling great about how you look. Your clothing says a lot about you and your personal style - and the perfect outfit begins with your intimate apparel. Properly fitted plus size lingerie is comfortable to wear, compliments your curves, and make your clothes look even better. This is especially true for plus size bras sized 46C and up, where the post-purchase disappointment level is extremely high. How do you find the perfect plus size bra that is comfortable to wear, makes you look amazing, and is pretty? Read on!

A Plus Size Bra Made For You

Gone are the days of full-figure bras that are basically standard sized fashion bras only sized larger. There are companies like Glamorise and Bramour that specialize in bras for curvy women. These full-figured bras are uniquely engineered to fit and provide support - and they are as sexy as all the rest.

What to Look for in a Full-Figure Bra

Your bra should look good and feel good. It should be constructed in a way that supports you from the inside out. Key features to look for include:

  • Cup construction - many bras have molded one-piece cups. While this may serve some women well, curvy women usually need the support and quality provided by a non-molded, or sewn cup. A sewn cup incorporating 2-3 sections of material within the cup allows the bra designers to vary material stretch and tensions for ultimate strength, support and comfort. Bra designers also work with the placement and number of seams (typically 2-3) to achieve both function and form. Sewn cup bras take more time to design and manufacture and the result is typically a higher quality product.
  • Shoulder straps - wider padded straps are key for a comfortable full-figured bra. Straps can still be beautiful while effectively distributing weight in and around the shoulder bones. A design with proper placement on the shoulders (not too far apart!) will help comfort and keep straps from falling down.
  • Back - A wide back section that sits firmly under your shoulder blades is perfect. The wider the back section, the more support for your back the bra gives, allowing you correct healthy posture. Looking good and feeling good work hand-in-hand. The back should also be comfortable, not ride up during the day and be designed to look great. Finding the right balance of size, stretch, and shape in the back is a secret to good support in the front of the bra.

The Full Figure Fit

Every style feels different and each woman's body is unique. A professional fitting will help you discover the best plus size bra for you. A private fitting isn't always available when you need a new bra, however there are online fitting tools that can be very helpful in getting you into just the right full-figured bra. Take the time to order a few sizes to make sure you found the right balance of size and cup.

Full-Figure Bra Shopping Online

Speaking of online, bra shopping is very personal and although it’s nice to have the option to try on garments before purchasing, shopping online gives you the opportunity to try on bras in the comfort and privacy of your own home. No pushy sales people, no poorly lit changing rooms, plus you can try on your own clothes to see if the bra helps shape you well. Many brands offer free exchanges so using some of the info above you can find the perfect full-figured bra today!