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3 Inspiring Plus Size Fitness Role Models

Posted: Aug 29, 2018, 8:37:00 PM
3 Inspiring Plus Size Fitness Role Models

Finding ways to stay healthy can be difficult. We all know that we feel better after a workout; getting motivated to start is more challenging. Here are three of our favorite plus size fitness bloggers to help you stay motivated and body confident.

Ashley Graham: Strong is Sexy

Ashley Graham is a leader in the body positivity movement. As one of "The Most Influential People in the World" on Time's list from 2017, this is a woman worth following. From swimsuit covers to Vogue viral videos, Graham helps people fall in love with who they are.

When it comes to fitness, Graham is no shrinking violet. Check out her Instagram page and you will see 25 mile bike rides, slide board inner thigh killers and enough burpees to make your arms hurt just looking at her photos. Not only are the workouts intense, but so are her outfits. Graham has captivated her fans with her trend-setting plus size fashion and style. Follow her for fit-spo on hitting the gym and the streets.

Anna Guest-Jelley: Connect to Your Breath and Body

Yoga is about breathing. It is about getting connected with your mind and body and letting go of the world around you. Anna Guest-Jelley instills the philosophy of body acceptance through daily practice and getting to know yourself. Not every day is easy, as balance comes and goes and life is "an ebb and flow." For days when life gets you down, follow this body-affirming yogi on Instagram for inspiring body invocations, stunning pictures of nature and pics that will make you want to get on the mat and relax.

Louise Green: Big Fit Girl

According to Louise Green, every “body” should be able to find their inner athlete and live their dreams of being strong, confident and powerful. As a leading trainer, this inspirational woman has been recognized by Body Confident Canada Awards for her work with women’s health. Follow her blog and you will learn about CrossFit, TEDx, running and living your dream of being an athlete. Green is fierce when it comes to pushing her body and dressing her body. Use her killer outfits as inspiration to put on your most powerful sports bra and leggings and get out and get moving.

Feel Fit and Fit Well

You deserve to be healthy and body confident. You also deserve well-made, high quality lingerie that fits you perfectly. Finding ways to stay healthy and becoming an athlete is about feeling confident inside and out. When out running or on your own 25 mile bike ride, you need a great sports bra to support you. When transitioning from the gym to hanging out with friends, you need a look that keeps you cool when working out and also looks cool when you are out and about.

Take inspiration from these three great full figure bloggers when finding body confidence. Trust our team at Bramour when building your lingerie wardrobe. Let us know your favorite looks and who you look to as your fashion and fitness style icon in the comments section.