Glamorise has been designing bras for full figured woman at our Madison Avenue studio for almost 100 years. Bramour is the first new independent brand from Glamorise.

With Bramour, we wanted to create a luxury brand exclusively designed for full-figured woman. The project started over 2 years ago, and has involved every member of our design team.


The idea behind creating Bramour was simple: we asked our designers to make bras they love. We set no limits, and let the designers create what they wanted, how they wanted.

We made only one absolute requirement of the Bramour design team: they must love the finished product.

From the very first meeting, our designers were inspired to make these products special. These bras had to look beautiful and feel luxurious, but they also had to fit perfectly.

These bras needed to support, and to really work.

Passion. Emotion. And comfort.

An insight: comfort is
at the heart
of feeling beautiful.

Out came the sketch pads, the drawings, the photo’s clipped from magazines. Lace swatches, color samples, pet designs that just needed a little more thought.

In the end, the overwhelming inspiration came from the idea that intimate apparel should be intimate. These intimate choices should express one’s inner sense of style.

Elegant, personal, and above all beautiful.

Our design team has obsessed over every detail for over 2 years. From the design of the lace, to the support offered by each frame, to the stretch and construction of the straps. We have discussed, debated, and designed every detail.

We don’t see anything as merely a detail—everything matters. Everything had to look right, and feel right.

Bramour has been a labor of love. We are thrilled with how everything has turned out. We feel we have created a line of beautiful bras for full-figured woman that are sophisticated, luxurious and comfortable.

The product names?
These are legendary New York names--and are meant as a tribute to our Manhattan design studio-- which is where it all started.

Bras that fit beautifully